Our offer

Our offer includes easy to use and clean industrial colloid mills made of acid-resistant steel with capacities from 100 kg to 1500 + kg per hour, These machines are driven by electric motors with a power from 5.5kw to 30kw and equipped with high-quality controls to ensure safe operation engine and operator. All our machines provide the same degree of grinding with adjustment to obtain the required gradation. The offer is opened by the KM100 5.5 kW model with a capacity of 100 to 200 kg / h, the efficiency depends on the consistency of the product KM300 11kw with a capacity of 300-600 kg / h KM700 15kw 700 / 1200kg / h KM1500 22kw or 30kw, capacity 1500kg / h even up to 3 T / h       Mills With an agitator mainly for cottage cheese and other dense products suspended in the hopper. KMH300 7.5kw 300kg / h  KMH700 11kw 700kg / h  KMH1500 1500kg / h 18.5kw   The devices produced by us replace or even exceed the quality of shredding many times more expensive machines, they are not replaced in the industry: butcher for the production of stuffing, pates, sausages, raw hides, fish paste Any fruit, vegetables, concentrates, sauces, soups, ketchups, mustards, mayonnaises, food gels Cottage cheese, cheese, homogenized cheese, all grains (wet) Dried fruits, poppy seeds,all kinds of nut pastes and butters, beekeeping products. Pharmaceuticals, syrups, creams, toothpaste. Pigments, inks, lubricants and much more virtually all wet, at least 40 percent moist or greasy products that need to be crushed, mixed or homogenized When it comes to new products that are not certain, we have test equipment on which our customers can test at our plant to make sure that the product is suitable for grinding on a colloidal mill of our production.

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